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Chicks & Types

Chicks & Types
Simone Massoni

a story for tomorrow.
Gnarly Bay

Dan Black feat. Kelis | Chic & Artistic

A “Human Time-lapse Film” shot in a single 24 hours.
Chic & Artistic

KIT KAT: The Final 50

A History of Typography
An animated, paper stop-motion.
Ben Barrett-Forrest

Disney Animation

Shugo Tokumaru’s “Katachi music video
Kijek / Adamski

Clip-Art Movie Minimalism
Peter Stults (Behance / Twitter)

Højer Designefterskole - Skabt til at skabe!
Made with iStopmotion and an iPhone 4S. It’s called Created to Create, and was made to promote a boarding school for creatives in Denmark.
Rasmus Jacobsen & Christian Koch

Swing With The MusicTang Yau Hoong

Swing With The Music
Tang Yau Hoong

The Evolution of AnimationDeborah Ho

The Evolution of Animation
Deborah Ho

Street art is mathematically simple
Aakash Nihalani

(Source: farewell-kingdom)

The ABC of Architects
Ombu Architecture